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March 11, 2016
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UPVC Orangery Conservatory Colours

UPVC Orangery Conservatory Colours

Colour Choices for UPVC Conservatories & Orangeries

UPVC Orangery Conservatory ColoursIt’s no longer the case that when you want a new UPVC conservatory or Orangery you have to have it in white. Nowadays there is a truly amazing range of alternative conservatory  colours in the marketplace.

Manufacturers & suppliers seem to be going to a lot of trouble to keep up with the ever changing tastes of consumers in the home extension arena and have made coloured UPVC conservatories the “norm” rather than the “exception”.

It goes further than just colour choice; you also can select the type of finished surface for your conservatory, such as smooth, gloss, or wood effect. You could also think about alternatives for the roofing style or design to match or contrast the room.

The sophistication of modern manufacturing processes has created so many different options that in many instances you just can’t tell a modern conservatory is made out of UPVC without a very, very, close inspection. Allowing this versatile material to be used in properties where it was likely that the local planning department would instantly reject it previously (think of houses of character or in areas of outstanding natural beauty or listed buildings).

Colouring Processes

The most common types of coloured UPVC are created by either Foiling or Spraying. Both methods claim that the colour is permanently bonded to the vinyl itself and as a result is permanent, colour stable and does not crack or peel.

Manufacturers are also prepared to back up their claims with very long guarantees (10 years) and are very confident that the product will significantly outlast the warranty.

Foiled colours offer the unique ability to produce a woodgrain effect that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. For those homeowners who want a traditional look, but like the idea of using a contemporary, energy efficient and low maintenance material, that combination of wood grain & UPVC offers an ideal solution.

The combination of Foiled & Sprayed UPVC conservatory colours available in the market amount to a choice of over 400 shades.

What Can you expect from Coloured UPVC?

  • No Cracking of surfaces
  • No fading of colour in direct sunlight or inclement weather
  • High resistance to surface scratches
  • Long term manufacturer guarantees
  • Ability to sympathetically match your property style
  • Simulated & realistic wood effect finishes
  • Ability to use twin coloured sections (inside & out)

Costing the options for coloured UPVC into the overall conservatory price will need to be considered as most suppliers will charge extra for anything other than white.

Expect a price difference of between 10-25% subject to who you are buying from and what colour you want. Popular colours tend to be less pricey.

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