UPVC Orangery Conservatory Colours
UPVC Orangery Conservatory Colours
March 22, 2016
Trickle Vent & Orangery Double Glazing
Trickle Vent & Orangery Double Glazing
October 24, 2016
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Replacement conservatory roof

Replacement conservatory roof

Replacement Conservatory Roof Cost

Many homeowners who have had a Conservatory or Orangery installed some years ago may be having trouble of some sort or other with the roofing.

Maybe it’s leaking or damaged in some way. It could be that the conservatory roof just looks “old & tired” and brings down the appeal of your room – it’s at this point a lot of folks could be thinking “we need to knock it down & start again”.

However, all is not lost because there are loads of companies that now specialise in replacement conservatory roofing and some of the options available could be something you never thought you could do.

Primary Roofing Options

cheap lean to conservatoriesTypically, you would have three choices

  1. Glass / Poly carbonate
  2. Tiled
  3. Solid Panels

Lately companies have started including composite panels in their designs which allows for a far greater flexibly in how you can make your roof look.

Poly-carbonate conservatory roofs

poly carbonate roofingWhilst this is a low cost & very lightweight option, many homeowners already had polycarbonate installed at outset and find that over the years it has provided limited insulation and taken some effort to keep it in reasonable shape.

The latest twin walled poly-carbonate sheeting can offer some protection against Ultra-violet light and is also available in two tinted shades of Opal and Bronze. Compared to the alternative such as full glass or tiles, this lightweight sheet is a considerable lower cost option.

The shatter-proof nature of twin-walled poly-carbonate does help a lot to avoid damage to the roof from falling objects, like kids throwing things or stray meteors (well, maybe not meteors!).

Whilst the lower cost of installation is a powerful incentive to fit this type of roof, the 2 biggest drawbacks and complaints from those who have a poly-carbonate roof  are about heat build-up during sunny days and the noise from rain hitting the roof. If you feel that you can manage both issues, then poly-carb could be the way to go for your conservatory.

Tiled conservatory roof

LEAN TO ROOF Fully tiling a conservatory roof used to be a bit of a problem in that one of the requirements to avoid the need for planning permission was that 75% of the roof had to be made of translucent material, but this has now been relaxed and allows for solid roofing options.

You can use any type of tile that you would use on a normal roof, but have the structure surveyed to make sure that it can take the added weight of the new roof before going ahead.

Alternative lightweight tiling systems such as supaliteroof, eurocell and this product TapcoShake (which looks absolutely great IMHO) can do the job and the end results can be superb.

Some conservatory replacement roofing quotes can be high, so take your time to really look around and get quite a few quotes and options in your hands before appointing a contractor.

Full glass conservatory roof

Replacement conservatory roofIf your surrounding frames & structure allow it, then it may be possible just to replace the existing glass or polycarb “in-situ”, but we have not seen many companies that do that as a “stand alone” product service and it could be that you have to find a local builder to do the job.

Glazed full replacement roof systems are plentiful in the market such as guardianconservatoryroofs where your old roof will be fully removed and replaced with a brand new double glazed one.

Lots of conservatory owners find their rooms hot in summer due to poor thermal qualities of the overhead glazing so choosing a glass with “low solar gain” (G Value on the Window Energy Rating) could pay dividends – finding glass with over 75% reflection rate is possible.

Conversely, you don’t want the glass radiating too much heat out into the atmosphere during cold weather so you also have to consider the U-value of the whole glazed unit (which will be on the WER Label).

get quotesComposite Panelling

conservatory roofingThese are solid panels, designed to be insulating & lightweight. You could use them to fully cover the roof or fit them in combination with glazed panels.

By combining solid & glazed sections it will allow you to create natural lighting plus have shaded areas within the same room. This could probably be the best of both worlds and you can see an example at refreshglassroofs.

Internal lining

If your roof is in good condition, then a potential solution to those owners who feel that there is too much glare from the sun in summer and to much radiated cold from he roof in winter, is to fit a lining to the interior.

This system also allows part of the roof to be lined and part left “clear” which cuts down on glare, but still allows natural light into the room.

You should only carry out lining to the interior if the existing roof is in good condition (get it fully assessed beforehand). If your roof fails (springs a leak!)a few months later after the lining is installed then it could be an expensive oversight. Lining also have to be well ventilated to cope with any condensation that may build up between it and the roof. Should you get condensation build-up inside the lining, then you will have a problem with smell & mold.

What is going to affect the cost of replacing a conservatory roof?

cheap lean to conservatoriesThe things that will have the biggest impact on conservatory roof prices are likely to be:

  • The style or design – for example, replacing a simple lean-to design will cost less than that for a Victorian or Double Hipped.
  • Size of the roof is obviously going to impact costs.
  • What type of materials used for the new roof (poly-carb is cheaper than tiles).
  • How much labour needed to remove the old roof.
  • How much labour to replace with a new one.
  • The structural integrity of existing conservatory frame  can it take the weight?
  • Whether or not your job will nee planning permission,

The only way to know for sure what it’s going to cost is to have a professional come to do a survey and discuss your options, then provide a written quote.

A word of caution

Both of these points have been touched upon before, but they are important and worth mentioning once more:

  • Planning & building regulations – please check with your local authority before commencing work.
  • Structural Strength – it is vitally important that you do not fit something that the existing walls cannot support as it could lead to collapse and even injure someone.

Finally, check the credentials of the contractors who you choose to do the work. Up to date and relevant current trade body accreditation is the least that you should accept.

What does a new conservatory roof cost? – Here is a rough guide

 Approximate size of roof  Roofing Material General Guide Price
 2000 x 3000 millimeter Poly-carbonate panels £1800 – £2500
 2000 x 3000 mm Double glazed panels £2000 – £3000
 2500 x 3000 mm Poly-carbonate panels £2000 – £3000
 2500 x 3000 mm Double glazed panels £3000 – £3500
 2750 x 3750 mm Poly carbonate panels £2800 – £3200
 2750 x 3750 mm Double glazed panels £3000 – £4500

You may want to look at the cost of a full conservatory, so check out the Cost guides here for how much it costs to build an Orangery & how much it costs to build a conservatory.

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