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February 2, 2016
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March 11, 2016
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Orangery Prices – What Does a Fully Fitted Orangery Cost?

Clearly with a bespoke home extension such as this, it is to be expected that there will be a large range of Orangery Prices in the market. These will primarily be dependent on the size of the room you are hoping to build. However, you will need to bear in mind several factors at outset so that you can arm yourself with a budget with which to begin looking around.

Considerations & Pre-planning

SIZE & LOCATION – Where are you going to build it? At the side of the house or at the back is a common location but if you have an awkward area then you may have to compromise on one thing or another. You should also think about access. How are the builders going to get in & out or bring in materials etc?

cheap lean to conservatoriesPLANNING PERMISSION – Size also has an impact upon the need for prior planning permission. Whilst a lot of conservatories fall under the “permitted development” category, Orangeries tend to be larger rooms with more involved construction materials and can quite often need you to have local authority planning consent before you start work. If you make a mistake here, you can get fined a lot of money or even be ordered to remove the whole structure.

Planning permission is especially important to consider if your home is in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) or is a “listed” building. Consultation with your neighbors is also recommended (out of common courtesy if nothing else).

Design – do you want a lot of glass or are you more inclined to make use of pillars, brickwork giving a more “solid” appearance? What about the glazing? There are options for coloured conservatories with a large range of choice.

Timing – when would you like the work to start & finish? Summer time may be good for the weather, but many installers could be busy. “Off season” may give you a chance to find a good deal when installer work-loads drop off somewhat.

Budget – Building work is notoriously susceptible to changing circumstances as many people can testify to. There can always be some “snag” or other that can crop up unexpectedly. Maybe you overlooked having to move drains or the foundations have to be deeper because of ground conditions. In any event it is going to be prudent to make an allowance for  the unexpected of at least 10% of the original budget you have in mind.

One way to deal with this is to negotiate a defined “fixed price” contract with the installer that clarifies the situation.- this way, any extra expenses do not fall upon you.

orangery costsAverage Orangery Prices

To give you a starting point, we have collated some prices for fully fitted Orangeries.

please note that the final price for your room will be different from those show below and depend entirely on your personal requirements.


Basic OrangeryWhite upvc or Timber (pine)From £15,000 upwards
SmallTimber (Idigbo or engineered wood)From £18,000 upwards
MediumUPVC / Timber HardwoodFrom £20,000 upwards
LargeUPVC /Timber HardwoodFrom £25,000 upwards

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Orangery Prices - What Does a Fully Fitted Orangery Cost?
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Orangery Prices - What Does a Fully Fitted Orangery Cost?
Average Orangery Prices - To give you a starting point, we have collated some prices for fully fitted Orangeries.
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