Orangery Design Features

Orangery Conservatory Design Features

  • Self-Cleaning Glass
  • ‘Low-e’ energy efficient low emissivity glass
  • Poly-carbonate roofing panels
  • Underfloor heating – available in “dry” or “wet” systems.
  • Ceiling Fans & Spotlights, Air Conditioning
  • Bi-fold doors / French Doors / Sliding Doors / Tilt & Turn Doors
  • Multi-point locks on windows & doors
  • Coloured uPVC, Hardwood, Engineered Wood or Aluminium

Check out the differences between an Orangery & Conservatory here, or how about extending your kitchen into an orangery?

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Underfloor Heating:

If you are looking for a cost effective & very energy efficient method for heating your conservatory, then an unobtrusive underfloor heating system could suit you.

Probably it is best to be installed during the initial building phase, but it can also be fitted later without too much trouble and is available in both ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ versions.

Self-cleaning glass

This could be a very useful option for those rooms that have difficult to reach sections, and for the roof sections which tend to get the brunt of most of the dirt settlement.

Having a dirty roof on your conservatory will not only make it look bad from the outside, it will lower the natural light levels coming in and make the interior dingy and unattractive to live with.

Fans & vents

During sunny days, heat can build up in the room if it’s not ventilated properly.

Unless you have installed air-conditioning, ceiling fans & roof vents are low cost ways to help control the interior climate of your room.

Glass Roofing / Poly-carbonate roofing

To reduce loading, and frame structural strength needed, poly carbonate panels can be used in place of fully double glazed roofing panels. The advantage of lowering the roof load is obvious and poly-carbonate is supposed to be shatterproof, which could be very useful.

Using poly-carbonate roofing can reduce the costs and offer lower overall maintenance. Poly-carbonate also tends to reduce heat build-up during periods of sunny weather.

Laminated & Toughened Glass

In some areas of the conservatory, having toughened safety glass is not only sensible, it could well be mandatory to meet building regulations.

However, if you have floor to ceiling glass walls & children mixing together in one place then fitting safety glass is essential.

Conservatory doors

Why not try French Doors or Bi-fold doors? French doors are very practical for smaller conservatories because they open outwards and don’t interfere with internal space.

Whilst for home extensions such as an orangery or larger conservatories, bi-fold doors can look spectacular.

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