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What is an Orangery?
July 23, 2017
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Modern Contemporary Orangery Home Extensions
August 10, 2017
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Kitchen Orangery Extensions

Kitchen Orangery Extensions

Kitchen Orangery Extensions, Ideas and Prices

Considerations for using kitchen orangery extensions

Kitchen Orangery Extensions

Kitchen Orangery Extensions

The modern kitchen orangery has become one of the most sought after living space expansion styles in the UK as people seek to add more natural light ambiance to their homes for a luxury effect.

Compact rear-end kitchen designs with one or two windows and walls, dominated by cupboards and a rear door leading to an open space is a regular feature of suburban housing.

This tendency of placing the kitchen at the rear of a property has made the kitchen a most popular area of choice for home expansions.

The addition of an orangery provides the ideal opportunity for adding much needed natural light and ambiance to the kitchen area as well as incorporating an open social space for the family without the over-exposure of a full glass conservatory.

Orangery Kitchen Features

The most recognizable feature of a kitchen orangery is a large roof with a central lantern, seamlessly integrating with the kitchen’s roof to give stability and the feel of a conjoined extended enclosure. That being said, the roof lantern provides endless options of design, shape and orientation to accommodate any preference.

For homeowners wishing to maximize natural light exposure, a kitchen orangery should have long southward facing windows which capture maximum sunlight and keep the space warm. Whilst those seeking privacy may opt for the more use of columns and pillars and use less glass (which also serves to provide better insulation).

One of the things about orangeries is that they tend to be medium to large size rooms which, in recent times has seen homeowners move towards more varied contemporary designs such as the “moving glass wall” concept, where one side of the room is floor to ceiling glazed. This glass wall effect is best seen when full width bifold patio doors are used.

When fully opened, Bifold doors leave an almost 100% unobstructed opening, which links your orangery kitchen extension seamlessly with the exterior landscape of your property. The resulting feeling of roominess and space is amazing. All the benefits of the great outdoors within the comfort of your own home.

Traditional kitchen extension V Orangery kitchen extension

Kitchen Conservatory

Kitchen Conservatory

The first comparison that can be readily made between a regular brick extension and an orangery kitchen extension is the slightly lower insulation capability of the kitchen orangery’s glass dominated structure.

If consideration is not given to this aspect, you could end up with an orangery that is too cold for comfort during winter and too warm during summer.

While this may be true, the “partially solid” walled nature of an orangery (as opposed to a conservatory which is predominantly glass) usually provides enough insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature stability during most of the year. With the extent of insulation only limited by the material used in building the orangery, which is usually constructed with cavity walls together with double glazed windows and doors.

Kitchen orangeries offer a great opportunity for cost-saving for those who want the luxury of natural daylight in the kitchen without going for a bricks & mortar extension specifically designed to do the same thing.

Bespoke Kitchen Orangery Extension

Bespoke Kitchen Extended Into Orangery

Most typical home extensions will feature a pitched tiled roof or a flat asphalt roof – to give the same amount of light as an orangery, you would need to have the roof specially adapted to allow for glazing (maybe Velux windows or similar).

You may also be able to build an orangery without planning permission, within certain guidelines, but for sure an extension will need to have planning permission.

The hybrid nature of orangeries (sitting between traditional brick structures and all-glass conservatories) make them ideal for home owners looking to add elegance to their kitchen extensions while avoiding a substantial hit budget-wise for building an extension.

Additionally, for home owners wishing to minimize the living space disruptions and re-modelling that characterize home expansions, Orangeries hold a substantial advantage over regular brick walled expansion.

In summary

Modern housing design preferences are evolving towards the provision of more natural and airy living spaces which give the effect of luxury and healthy lifestyle. As the cost of “full-blown” home extensions remains comparatively high when measured on a like-for-like cost per square foot of space against contemporary orangery designs, using one for your kitchen extension is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve this.

How much do kitchen orangeries cost?

get quotes online buttonThe 2 main elements of pricing are the orangery and the fitting of the kitchen. You may also need to consider additional expenses for extra power outlets and ventilation to allow for kitchen equipment and / or new drainage & plumbing for the water supply to the ever present kitchen sink.

Orangeries are by nature costlier than conservatories & fitted kitchen prices range from a few hundred pounds for DIY to £10,000 + for bespoke custom designed, built and fitted installations.

The average sized orangery would cost somewhere in the region of £15,000 to £20,000 but again, if you are going for a truly bespoke architectural masterpiece, you can find orangeries costing well over £40,000 or more.

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Kitchen Orangery Extensions
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Kitchen Orangery Extensions
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